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Personal and involved!

Two important slogans that we take very seriously. And that means quite a lot. We must have a broad knowledge, we have to earn your trust, the lines must be as short as possible, and the costs must be as low as possible. And since our firm is relatively small, we like to keep things a bit informal.

The result is a varied clientele. From Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises to self-employed persons and private persons. This means that we can supply services "on your level"! In this way you will have more time …to make machines, sell cars, fit crowns, take photos, visit customers, motivate your staff, … in brief, more time to run your business!

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ETS is a member of NOAB, the Dutch Association of Administrative and Tax Experts.

... on your level

Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises, general partnerships and BV's

For these enterprises we take care of the complete business and/or salary administration, but we also support or replace your own administrator to any required level. Apart from performing the executive administrative tasks, we also like to be a sounding board for the management where tasks and economic matters are concerned.

Self-employed persons without employees and starters

This group probably calls for the most personal attention. You prefer to concentrate on your work, and you often consider administrative jobs and taxes as a millstone round your neck. You, as a self-employed person do not have the time, and even though you are a serious starter, it is hard to succeed without any professional help from outside. We can provide you with the services and help your require, tailored specifically to the services you provide.



A necessary evil in the eyes of most entrepreneurs. There is not much profit in this area, so they think! But a good administration is a reliable adviser in all your commercial plans. ETS can take over your complete administration. From set-up to full implementation, but we are also cut out for a supporting or monitoring role. All this can be done on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your organisation and personal wishes.



Financial Statements

In order to be able to act quickly and decisively, you must always be able to have up-to-date financial information at your disposal. For instance, interim reports over shorter periods, or an up-to-date analysis of business results and costs in the longer term. ETS offers a wide range of administrative services that will enable you to take the right decisions at the right moments. Services such as:

Drawing up of interim results and managment reports
Analysing of business results and cost prices
Drawing up of your annual reports (no subject to monitoring)
Drawing up of budgets and (liquidity) forecasts
Valuation questions




Every year, we are faced with quite a few new or modified tax regulations. It is not feasible for an entrepreneur to deal with this all by him- or herself. ETS has experts who are always acquainted with the latest tax developments. We can therefore offer you optimum assistance with respect to: 

  • Your annual income tax return
  • Corporation tax return
  • Your periodical turnover and wage tax return
  • Tax optimisation and financial planning
  • Guidance in tax audits
  • International tax aspects
  • Inheritance and gifts

Business economics

Every entrepreneur is different and not one company is the same. Therefore, looking at how colleagues in your branch are doing is never a good reference. And don't you want the best results with the least risk? Since we like to get in-depth knowlegde of our customers and their business operations, we can give you optimum advice with respect to:

  • Business plans
  • Credit applications
  • Financial management
  • Contract analyses
  • Mergers and takeovers


Our staff is our greatest asset. And, very likely, this does not apply just to us. It is a challenge for every entrepreneur to create a working environment that makes it possible to get the most out of his staff. Apart form the existing rights and duties, you - as the employer- will have your own ideas to achieve this goal. We would like to advise you on, for example: 

  • Employment contracts
  • Collective labour agreements
  • (Fringe) benefits
  • Pensions
  • Employee benefits

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